General Questions

Common symptoms are bleeding while passing stools, pain and difficulty in passing hard stools or the combination of all these. These symptoms appear in attacks and disappear after few days without any treatment. Patient tends to ignore these symptoms. It is very important to consult your surgeon for the proper diagnosis and further treatment.
Causes of piles are not fully under stood. Since it is not seen in animals we may have to agree with the fact that it is the price we have to pay for being humans. Unlike animals we stand on two legs, gravitational force acts, we have to choose the place and the time for defecation, anus takes the blame.
Among the known facts chronic constipation and chronic diarrhoial conditions are agravating factors. also conditions which increase the intra abdominal pressure tumors, pregnancy, chonic cough, aggravate piles.
It is less than 1-2%.If good care is taken during the treatment and any remnants are identified and treated the chances are nil.
Pain is of very mild variety; pain is relieved by hot hip baths or by painkillers until the wound completely heals, within a week. Pain will be minimum if treated in early stages. Pain of the surgery is less than the disease itself, or of its complications.
You can go back to work on the very next day itself. Patient feels much better with the next motions .light work up to 1week may be necessary in few patients with pain.
Since these are mechanical problems which has to be corrected mechanically by surgical procedures, medications will only give relief for short time. Medicines may be taken to releive the symptoms during the waiting period. It is not advisable to postpone surgical treatment for a long time since these are progressive problems which cause lots of problems in the day today life.
No. These are not infectious, since they are purely mechanical problems they are corrected surgically.
The causes of piles are not known. Mechanical problems at the level of ano-rectum, which are present by birth may play a major role in causing piles. There is a strong hereditary factor. Since it is very common problem seen in more than 70% of the adult population, it is very difficult to blame one cause.
Increased intra abdominal pressure, constipation, hormonal changes add up with the predisposition to get piles. Mild degree of piles or fissures may not require any surgical treatment but if the problems persists it is better not to postpone surgery.
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