What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are natural cushions of tissue and veins located at the junction of rectum and anus. Along with the sphincter, this normal tissue is responsible for complete closure of the anus and prevents any leakage. During a bowel movement, these cushions become smaller to allow stool to pass through. Everyone has them, and problems only arise when they become larger than they should.

Are there different types?

These anal cushions are normally fastened in the sphincter region by muscles and tissue. If too much pressure is exerted on them, the system of securing them may be damaged and the cushions swell, When they protrude outside the anus, they are referred to as prolapsing Hemorrhoids. The enlarged cushions are classified into four grades, depending on their size and severity:


  • Bleeding : Principal and earliest symptoms. At first it is slight, bright red and occurs during defecation.
  • Prolapse : Piles comes out during strain.
  • Discharge : A mucoid discharge is a frequent accompaniment of prolapsed piles and this almost certainly produce itching or pruritus.
  • Pain : Usually not present, its presence indicates complications.
  • Anemia : Means deficiency of blood.
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